Actions Concerning Black Lives Matter

A statement:

We must not become complacent. We must hold our police forces & government, on all levels, accountable for the horrendous violence that we have seen against African American populations for the last 300 years. ⁣⁣
In partnership with A Helping Elbow (, We will be selling limited edition Black Lives Matter masks, and 100% of the proceeds from all masks will be donated to Black Lives Matter. I cannot join the physical protests at this moment in time, but I will continue to raise both money and awareness for members of our community who have been silenced for so long, and for recent victims of racist acts of violence, such as Ahmaud Arbery, Brionna Taylor, and George Floyd. As a white person, I will never begin to fully understand the experiences that BIPOC have on a daily basis. Yet, I hope to amplify voices of color, and contribute to organizations like Black Lives Matter as an ally and supporter. ⁣
I encourage all of my friends and family to put action behind your words and posts, and donate to organizations like Reclaim The Block, The Loveland Foundation, Black Lives Matter, The Minnesota Freedom Fund, and The Black Visions Collective. I would also encourage you to research black owned businesses (in your area), local black creators, artists, and organizations. For my friends in Massachusetts, I would encourage you to read this article by Boston Magazine, and choose a local organization to support that resinates with you.
In solidarity,